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Oh no, another powder question!

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Sorry folks.  I'm a black powder guy so this smokeless stuff is new to me.


I currently load WST and have loaded Clays for my 200gr LSWC 45acp.


Well, I'm out of WST and about out of Clays, which I also use for my WB shotgun.


I have a full 9oz of TB but I think that will be my backup plan.


No one around here has either powder.  So as I call around I'd like to check stock on other options.


So what should I consider buying? Unique?  what else?

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Wbw, since powder is hit or miss just think standard load shotgun powder and there is a lot of that will work. Some might be better than others but the main thing is to keep the guns a running. Herco,wsl, unique,AA 2,5 and7, red dot ,bullseye,700x,231 for instance are all good for what you're doing but there are lots of others.  Dusty boddams
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Red Dot is good, American select is gooder. They are almost twins. Expect about 20-30 fps loss in fps with American Select compared to Red Dot. I use AS for all SASS guns including the 45ACP, 45 Colt, 38 Special, and shotgun. Red Dot will get all the jobs done also.
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Thanks for all the suggestions.


Since I don't actually shoot much smokeless I'm reluctant to buy powder mail order because of the HAZMAT fee, which would probably tempt me to purchase way more than I need.


Today I loaded a few rounds with TB at 5gr.  That seemed to fill the case up to where the 200gr Lee LSWC was going to just kiss the powder.  The measured PF was 154.4 so it's on the low side but I'd be reluctant to add more powder (max load is 5.5gr) for fear of compression. Surprisingly the TB measured better than I thought with a SD of 8.


I've got enough Clays to get me through the WB season if I use it only for shotgun so I'm going to load up some 45acp with TB for now while I keep my eye out locally for powder.


Thanks again.


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5.2 with 200 worked good for me. I do not like runnin anything in the 150 PF range personally.

Ya may consider 230's in the future. Pretty much most of the big boys run those. THERE is a reason....


Also, ran Trail Boss for years in ACP. Just found somethin better to me. Now just findin it.... LOL


Any of the "desireable" powder is NOT in real good supply. Hopefully will change. But sure even as it starts to come to pass, there will still be a bit of issue as folks caught off guard (not being alert) stock up... THEN it will be okay. And no, have no clue. Small quantities pop up. Last about 3 seconds.....


Shot Comin at Cha in WB, and a guy shot BP. That was a hoot. Made it nearly to the end before the 1911 had finally had enough..... He made it through though!!!!



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Red dot, I have used, clays I have used, titegroup, unique are others I have used.  My main smokeless powder I'd trail boss for cartridges, or clays red doe for shotgun makes a nice low recoil CAS round. 


Check back some and you will find that several use trail boss in both 45 cartridges. They even posted the two loads that make pf.

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Thanks All,


So I loaded up some 45acp with Trail Boss to a PF of about 164 and shot it.  That load pretty much filled the case, shot well and was not dirty.  Being that the TB was readily available and I already use it for my 45 colt and since I won't have to worry about double charging I decided to switch to TB for my 45acp loading.  I picked up 5'bs for $119 at Shooters Outpost in Hooksett NH.  Buying the 5lb jugs saved a bunch as the 9oz. 1lb bottle of TB is 20 bucks which works out to 30 bucks a pound when buying the small bottles.


I also picked up 3 14oz bottles of 700-x for my shotgun.

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