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ACES and Wild Bunch


Yup - We have used ACES with Wild Bunch and Plainsman Matches here in Northern Nevada with great success.


All you have to do is enter a new 'Category' for the matches.


ACES is simple to use and the results are instant. No more keying for someone after the match.


However - there is an associated learning curve on how to get the results printed. Anyone with a little computer knowledge can easily handle it.


If you need any help, please contact me. Would be glad to help you out.

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Just looked today at the price of iPads.


A good used iPad runs something like $170.


The ACES Program is 'Free' through iTunes or Google Play Store.


Program can either be downloaded for iPads or tablets. Much experience with both. ACES works much easier through iPads.


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Last word went out that we got that it, like the SASS app, ACES is available for download and use.


But neither have been touched or updated in a couple of years and there was no plans from the developer, NiftyBytes/Pitt Viper, to continue to develop any new features for it since there was no financial incentive 


WolfWind Walker was even shopping around trying to find someone with the skills to pick it up and run with it and do more with it.


You take a look at the version of the rulebook or club listing in the SASS app lately?



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Ya. Don't get me wrong, guys.


Personally, I have enjoyed using it 


Use it on my phone and my wife's phone to keep up with our scores


As a support model for a club, if you can get the hardware donated or borrow it for match day, I think it is a great setup.  If your club usually only runs one or two posses at a match, the cost may be ok, too


Especially for monthlies


But, from a financial sense, it is hard for some clubs to justify the expense of 12-15 scoring devices and the rest of the hardware that goes with it if the long-term commitment isuncertain.  Especially big matches trying to keepcosts down


I have a closet full of hardware and software that was awesome when I first got it, but are unusable because of OS and or hardware changes within just a couple years.

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Branchwater Jack,

You are taking the long view on this.  I have a MacIntosh Classic which is about 25 years old.  Still runs great and runs all the software made for it.  Don't worry about what might work in the future.  Get some iPads or iPhones, download the free program and use it.  If they are cared for and lightly used I'll bet they will last for many years.


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For those with the SASS app, when you read the WB Handbook, you are reading the April 2012 version.


But then again, nothing to worry about there bacause nothing has changed since then, right?






Yes, i do look big picture. It is one of the things I am paid to do when not playing cowboy or doughboy.


Let us skip past the fact that there are customers out there who would like additioanl features added to ACES, but are unable because development of it is no longer an ongoing concern.


The software is in a mainthenance phase, at best, and at any moment, without warning, could hit end of life.


These Mobile devices have a lot more risk to them than your 25 year old mac


People drop them

They get wet

They get dusty

Ports break

Solder comes loose (problem with some Kindle devices)

Batteries hit End of Life and may or not be available to replace, or are just as expensive as new hardware to replace


ACES is a good tool


If your club can afford it, go for it, I am not saying that you shouldn't


I have been to a club that owns no hardware but runs ACES at their matches. Three or four pards all bring their own devices to each match and they make it work


It can be done


But some clubs are unable to spend money like Congress, especially when there is uncertainty of future viability.


Would you spend $2500+ on targets you might not be able to use in two years?


All I'm sayin


Y'all have fun shooting somewhere this weekend. Matter of fact, I just finished settin up our three matches the Mrs and I are shooting in my ACES on this here phone.



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