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jersey kid

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The Jersey Kid?  Howdy and welcome to Wild Bunch!


"Getting lead bullets to feed" in the 1911 usually takes close attention to at least three things, most important first:

1) ammo that fits in the chamber "drop in" and is the correct length.  Mention what bullet you are going to be using and we can give you feedback on what Over All Length (OAL) works for that particular slug.


2) high quality magazines that are known to feed such lead bullet ammo as you want to shoot.  It's generally recognized that Tripp, Chip McCormick and Colt factory mags are right at the top of "always works in almost any gun for almost any load"


3) then, getting the gun running smooth, feeding 100% from the high quality mag, extracting and ejecting, and just generally "playing nicely."  A polished and tuned feed ramp and chamber ramp area is part of the equation, but not as important as many folks think if 1 and 2 are done right.


Another great 1911 gunsmith - and a moderator here!  Goatneck Clem does fine work on 1911s.





A fellow who does a very nice job on such things (he did  a wonderful job on my dovetailed front sight, from scratch):


Steve Morrison at Mars Guns in Salt Lake City:




Good luck, GJ

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You might try Wild Bodie Tom. He's done guns for quite

A few of our top shooters.

WBT has also done guns for some of the BOTTOM shooters too, like me.  :-[

My guns that he has done deserve to be in the hands of a much better shooter than me. But I'm keeping em.  ;D

I'm sure there are many good 1911 pistol smiths around the country, but WBT takes care of most of us in the Southwest.

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What are you shooting now for a gun, ammo, and mag? Like others here have said, use a good mag and get a case gage and check every round. I'd steer clear of the new Chip Mc Cormick mags. they've cheapened them up from earlier ones and they don't work reliably in my gold cup.
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