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Power factor for Rifles

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When looking at load data for the 38spl round it would seem that the WB 150 PF is easily achieved. I tested my Cowboy knock down loads with 158grn bullets.

With an average of 969fps they gave a PF of 153. Well within the SASS max of 1400fps. As this was with low humidity and at 6,000ft I may have to up the charge a little to be comfortable wherever I travel.

All rounds tested were started with a clock held one step directly behind and at waist height both under cover and in the open. All rounds were recorded. 


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I did some testing with factory .38 HSM and Winchester cowboy action loads. (158 gr. bullet)

I did the test with the rifle flat and tipping it up to about 170 degrees between shots.

Rifle used was a Uberti 357 with a 20-inch barrel.

Testing was done in an indoor range use a Lab Radar chrono. Temp was about 65.

We are about 400 ft. above sea level.

HSM flat gave a power factor of 157.1 Tipping up gave a power factor of 158.8.

Winchester flat gave a power factor of 167.6. Tipping up gave a power factor of 169.8.

So, as you can see 150 PF is easily attainable. Just need the minimum bullet weight for

38/357 to be 158.

WB ROC and TG's need to consider this.

Marshal Stone



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