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Red Dirt Wild Bunch SASS SW Territorial and OK State Championship, October 1-3

Hondo Tweed

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I hope that you are getting excited now that the big shoot isn't far off.  I know that I am!


I thought that I should get the round count out for you.  It is as follows:


    Main Match:  pistol 266, rifle 62, shotgun 52


    Side Matches:

          Wild Bunch Clays        25 rounds

          Doughboy                  pistol 21, shotgun 5, rifle 5

          Teddy Roosevelt          pistol 21, shotgun 5, rifle 7

          Beetle Bailey              rifle 16 rounds

          Fastest Shotgun          6 rounds

          Fastest Rifle                10 rounds

          Fastest Pistol              28 rounds

          Fastest Pocket Pistol    7 rounds

          Long Range BAMM      20 rounds

              (100 and 200)        20 rounds

          Top Shot                    21 rounds

          Top Gun                      14 pistol, shotgun 3, rifle 4, per round


I'm really looking forward to shooting and visiting with you all.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Hondo Tweed

hondotweed@gmail.com      405-694-5270


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Quick clarification, per Hondo.


Beetle Bailey will be a BAMM event with 10 rounds on a moving target for hits and time.  Due to time constraints, GAMM will only happen as a fun shoot after all other side matches are complete.  So bring your M1 just because! 


The long range 100ish/200ish (actually a little farther out) will also have TR rifle caliber lever gun in smokeless and Blackpowder.  3 sighters and 5 for score.    Clock runs on first sighter.


Concept of pocket pistol is small caliber pistol carried by officers or as concealed weapon made prior to end of WW2.  No official rules.  Exam: 1903 in 32 hammerless or 38ACP hammered. 


Caveat—all subject to change as we flex to make things happen. 


Artemus is spot on for top shot. 


Don’t forget your appetite. 

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