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45 ACP Ammo

Col Del Rio

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Col - Welcome!  First of all, for Wild Bunch (WB) the 45 ACP ammunition has to be lead bullets.

Looking around the Internet for you, here's the best price I could find for you at Buffalo Arms, which is in stock ... http://www.buffaloarms.com/45_ACP_Ammunition%20_it-1080901.aspx?CAT=4439

Only a couple of other vendors with 45 ACP with lead noses - but double the price


You might want to also read the Wild Bunch Rules Handbook ...



If you are planning to reload:

* Buy once fired 45 ACP brass

* 1000 bullets - 200gr

* Large pistol primers

* Unique or Red Dot powder (if you can find either now)

* Dies and a press - your in business at less than 1/2 the cost of store bought

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Thanks All.  Getting started is quite elaborate.  After I get the firearms, guess next step is reloading gear.


Yep, Wild Bunch generally is a "reloading required" sport.  No one really makes excellent ammo, although there are a couple of adequate ammo sources.


Powder River has ammo that was spec'd out by Evil Roy.  There have been generally good reports about it, after early lots were a little light to meet Power Factor.




Good luck, GJ

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Have no connection with or have used their products, but this looks pretty good.




I use 230 grain and it has absolutely nothing to do with easier to make power factor. You can make power at a lower velocity with a  softer recoil impulse. Faster followup shots and less movement off target. Learned that from J. F. Norfleet.

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