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I wanted to take a minute to recognize a couple of behind the scenes hard working Wild Bunch shooters. We rarely hear from or about them.  They just quietly keep the wire functioning properly.  Our primary wire moderator since the start of the WB wire has been Nellie Blue.  Some of you have asked about the security questions you have to answer to join the wire.  Believe it or not, before these were imposed, there were a lot of problems with people interfering with the wire.  After these questions were implemented, our problems decreased significantly.  At any time that I go on the wire there are at least a dozen “guests” and sometimes many more viewing the wire.  Of course, we encourage people having a look, but thanks to Nellie Blue and her hard work, our wire continues to function seamlessly.


Recently, Nellie has been shooting Wild Bunch less and asked for a volunteer to help and become the primary moderator for our wire.  With our great appreciation, Dusty Boddams stepped up and volunteered even though he says it has been a learning experience.  I am told that even with Dusty stepping in, Nellie has continued to stay in the background helping.


Would you join me in giving a great big cowboy thanks to Nellie for all her work and to Dusty for stepping up to the plate.


WB ROC Chair


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Big thanks to the Nellie and Dusty for your moderating and a pleasure to shoot with both of you in years past.


Nellie, I was surprised years ago to find out that in a former life you had worked on a neighboring ranch with a good friends of mine. They are still on the Bonita, so if you are ever back in the area you need stop by.




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