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Elwood James,


It's highly unlikely I can make it, but I'm considering attempting it. For those flying in, are carts available for rent? As JFN noted, I saw the same thing on the schedule, I'm assuming it's a 12 stage match for the World Championships of Wild Bunch, not a side match.


What would be the best town to look for a hotel in?





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It will be a 12 stage match.  Serenity is Match Director and is already working to make it a true WB event.  Not official, but they are looking at side matches the afternoon after warm ups.  Do not expect a cowboy shoot with 1911’s.


I just wanted to get the word out.  Just because cowboy is full does not mean WB is not available. 


Hope to see as many folks as possible.  It will really help our standing with SASS.  The impression of some is there are very few true WB only shooters.  A good showing would really help our case when we are trying to make new WB things happen. 


BTW, Oklahoma WB state as well as the SW regional Territorial WB Championship shoot will held 1-3 October.  Please pencil us in if you want a taste of things to come for future Nationals.  Hondo Tweed puts on a top notch shoot.



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Can't wait for this! I am eagerly waiting to see what I need to bring along for sidematches.


I twisted a few people's arms to get them to join us, I am sure some may hold it against me at some point. If I could figure what to do with the kids, the wife would be joining us.

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