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Hoodoo Brown

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Michael Bane of the television show Shooting Gallery, spent two days filming the Texas State Wild Bunch Championship match at Bowie, Texas back in November, 2020. While there he did a pod cast in which he was very complementary of the match and Wild Bunch in general. He referred to it as World War I three gun. He interviewed several shooters including Evil Roy, Wicked Felina and Dusty Boddams. The episode is scheduled to air this Wednesday, the 10th. In my area it is on the Outdoor channel at 6:30 PM and again at 9:30 PM, Central time. Who knows how much of the match will actually be on television, but hopefully WBAS will receive some good publicity. In the opening scenes of the new season of Shooting Gallery, several of our shooters of the match can be seen. Catch it if you can. Thanks...Hoodoo.
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Howdy EP!  I think it would be available sometime because of all the media that Michael Bane is involved in. He is an interesting person who is actually a shooter and a pleasure to be around. He has a site MichaelBane.tv that has a lot of neat articles,videos and podcasts you could look over and ask them how to see it. That would get you a correct answer instead of guess at best. Dusty Boddams
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