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Scoring a SDQ

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With the change to total time I am still confused about how a SDQ is to be scored. Stage Points gave an honest assessment of an SDQ by awarding no points. TT has always been a double penalty. Not only do you get no time (first penalty), you are assessed a massive number of seconds to make sure the "no time" doesn't work to your advantage (second penalty). So the double penalty of a SDQ essentially became a MDQ, but you get to keep shooting.


I remember there was supposed to be a formula to be created for a fairer assessment of the second penalty. But maybe I missed it, which is why I'm asking.


JFN "stirrin' things up again"

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It's not mentioned in the WB SHB. This is from the Cowboy SHB and can be applied to WB, since both use Total Time.


Page 25 Cowboy SHB



SASS matches are scored based upon elapsed shooting time (Total Time Scoring), plus

penalty points for missed targets, procedural errors and various other rules infractions. Each

stage is scored individually, and the total combined raw time score plus any penalties

incurred for all stages is used to determine place of finish, either by category, overall, or both.

When using Total Time scoring, a maximum allowed time for each stage is to be calculated

prior to the match, and is used as the Stage Disqualification score (SDQ) and maximum stage



The maximum time allowed for a stage is the total of all available targets/miss penalties plus

30 seconds.

(Example: 5 seconds each for all available targets (10 rifle, 10 pistol, 4 shotgun = 24 targets

x 5 seconds = 120 seconds. Add 30 seconds for a maximum score of 150 seconds).

The score for a SDQ is the maximum allowed time for that stage, as per the above description

for calculating maximum allowed time. The score for a DNF (not finishing a stage) is the

same as a Stage Disqualification penalty — the maximum allowed time for that stage. The

score for a Match Disqualification Penalty (MDQ) is “NO SCORE.” A MDQ results in the

removal of the contestant from all score sheets; thus, removal from the match entirely. Two

SDQ/DNFs (or one of each) in the same match results in a MDQ.







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Thank you Tully and Two Dot,

Since I don't shoot cowboy, I didn't think to look there.

That's a fair assessment for a SDQ.



For cowboy it is. Not so much in Wild Bunch. When a cowboy stage has 24 shots, it’s not a big deal. When a WB stage has more pistol rounds than that plus rifle and shotgun, it’s as good as a match DQ.

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The Wild Bunch Action Shooting Range Operations Committee (WB ROC) has been discussing the issue of Stage DQs since early new year.  We had planned to discuss it at some length when we met at EOT, but everyone knows how that went.


The WB ROC will be holding discussions in the next few weeks on our rules and that is one of the areas for discussion.  While there is no magic answer, the committee understands the concerns and will work toward a solution.


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