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Bead sights

Boomstick Bruce

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And how would you get the bead up high enough to give you correct bullet impact on target?


Use a conventional sight, or the sight recommended above with a bead insert.  Then you have a rugged sight that withstands repeated draws from leather and gives you a precise sight picture.


It is rare anymore that I even see a shotgun bead when I shoot my SGs.  Too much clays shooting has shown me that I don't have to (and shouldn't, even) look at the barrel and bead.


Good luck, GJ

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Your first question did not make mention of category, but one of your replies asked about Traditional.

WBAS Handbook, Page 5, Traditional Pistols


Only non-adjustable “military style” simple blade rear and front sights allowed.  The

10-8 National Match and the Harrison Design 003 are approved rear sights.

• Front sights may be dovetailed, pinned, or staked. 

• Sights may be the color of the slide or any combination of the slide color, including,

but not limited to, blue, black, or natural stainless (natural colored) steel.  The back

of a colored front sight may be polished to natural steel color. 


Therefore, in Traditional, no bead is allowed.

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