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Winter range wild bunch rifle targets distance?


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With WB power loads, I can be essentially 100% sure of hits out to 50-60 yards, even edgers.  The rings and target movement are a lot stronger with the extra power.  MOST 100 yard hits I can see.  Most folks will not hear the ring at 100 yards, though.  I train sometimes shooting my .45 Colt rifle at 200 yard targets - man sized, and can hold it on those at least 75% of shots.  Teaches you to wait until the bullet arrives before you decide the outcome.  And that's with just 20-20 vision.  Of course, that's not so common among SASS crowd, either.


All this says, I would not be afraid of a match with 20" targets set at 50 yards.  They could be scored pretty accurately.


Good luck, GJ



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