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1911 Grips


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We have a vendor that will make a personalized grip with a mag release cut out.  Thin or regular.  We have the territorial marshal logo with our alias on them.  You provide the design they make it happen.  The Osage Orange goes really well with a blue gun.  Walnut for stainless.  If you want something different they can make it happen. 


I can’t post from my iPhone.  PM me a POC and I’ll send some pics of the Walnut and Osage Orange grips..  $50 bucks the last time I checked. 



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Hi, with all this talk of grips I went over to the "Ahrends" web site. Kim Ahrends has made grips starting in the '80's and is a great guy. I have several of his grips on my 1911's. I  have always liked wood on my semi-autos. The bad news is that he was forced to declare bankruptcy as his wife and business partner has passed away. I also learned that Cocobolo wood has been declared "endangered" and is no longer imported into the US. I guess the bank took over his company and plans on selling grips under that name. regards, Mike
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