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There are times when I cycle the shotgun that a loaded shell seems to get caught in the action.  If I can feel it happen, canting the shotgun left allows the shell to be chambered.  Cycling slowly helps, I think.  I also feel like it may happen with the first or second round, if six were loaded, or the first, if five were loaded.  Using four seems not to be associated with the issue.

I do not have the guide/flag model.  I did get a carrier with the guide from Numric (sp?) but it seemed not to work properly, the guide did not always raise.


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You are correct in your evaluation.  If your Mod 12 is tuned correctly most of the time your issues go away without the Flag. The purpose of the Flag is to prevent the issues you were experiencing.  Check your Flag spring to see if it has weakened any if so replace the spring. 



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J Frank


You are right on the money. You did your home work.  I think that is one of the reasons the 3" Duck Gun Model 12 does not function reliably for Wild Bunch competition.  And of course it has some additional issues also. I have a Model 12 Pigeon Grade That I use in Wild Bunch Clays.  I used it last week at the Sporting Clays Nation Championships and it will only function perfectly with WW Ammo or Remington STS type ammo all other brands of ammo will not function.  I have refitted and changed every part new bolt included with no success. The Flag installation by Winchester is still a question mark.  Some guns have them and some do not. My research found nothing to tell why this was the case.  After working on these guns for many years the trap, skeet and Pigeon Grade ones, 98% of them came from the factory with the Flag.  Can't tell you why the others where without the Flag

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