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Bullet weight


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I "heard" that if one were to use a 180 grain bullet, the minimum allowed, as was marked from the manufacturer, but when checked, the bullet weighed less than 180 gr. the ammo would still pass muster when checked for Power factor.  Let's say that the Power factor itself is adequate for the ammo in question.

Acceptable or unacceptable?



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It would be unacceptable.  Same as a pistol that is one ounce under the limit, or a power factor that is one-tenth low.  There are no tolerances specified for the rules that set a limit. It  is a hard limit.  AND YOU WERE TOLD WRONG.


Pushing limits is a dangerous hobby.  Apply a "safety" margin in case some match does not have quite the calibration that your test equipment had.


Good luck, GJ

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I agree, that a weight limit is just that.  Weigh the bullets if necessary.

It came up because one supplier is going to stop providing 185 grain bullets (for .45 acp).  So, the choice is to use a 180 gr. or a 200 gr. bullet.

Regardless whether the bullet is lubed or coated, I have found a range from 183-188 grain in the "185 grain" bullets that I have bought from a supplier.  Yes, I weighed each bullet in a couple of boxes.  Certainly, with the 180 gr. bullets, this might be an issue.

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The bullet weight, pistol weight, power factor, are NOT negotiable. We had an actual member of the Wild Bunch Committee DQ'd because his power factor was 149.5 at Winter Range.  I don't know anyone who shoots 180 grain bullets in their 45ACP. We pull bullets and weigh them if it is close. Not being a prick but the rules are the rules. You push the edge someday you will fail. Remember the chronograph and the scale in use at the match are the official ones and the results cannot be challenged. Not every scale and chrono agree so I would advise you don't push the edge.  We have DQ'd people with factory ammo listed as 160 power factor but it was only 145.
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HI Gang;

            It is all in the rules. So last Sunday I shoot IPSC with 1911 in classic. BUT the match director spots my rubber bumpers are big. After a measurement check I get bounced into open with the race gunners due to 1/8 inch too long of base pad. Grinder time. Do I think this was fair? YES! All rules are run the same for everybody and I will shoot with those guys and girls anytime.

  I have been told most shooters run 230 grain bullets, I used to use 200 RNFP cause the local store always had a supply. Now a supplier has 225 truncated cone so now I use these in 45acp, 45colt,rifle.

Heavy bullets less velocity, easy to make 150 PF.


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