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Been out of SASS for awhile, trying to get back started and came across this Wild Bunch stuff. It appears there is a match within driving distance from me.

I still have my first SASS rifle, a stock Rossi 92 in 44 mag. Not great, still stiff, but should do.

Have several original 97's, and a Norinco. Got the Nori out last night and was surprised that it will just hold 6 rounds and functions. What is this follower and spring mod I read about? Is it necessary?

Picked up an RIA GI 45 last week. So far it has been dead reliable, even shot it while running a guy through qualification course last night. Shoots a touch low past 15 yards, but the stock sights are dead centered. Slide to frame fit is tight, as is barrel bushing. Around 150 rounds through it so far, be interested to see how it holds up.

I have a molded leather pancake holster for the pistol, and leather mag pouch. Will this holster suffice?


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Sounds like you are good to go with necessary irons.  The "six round follower and spring" are just that, sounds like you already have a shotgun that will hold six in the magazine.  Keep in mind that most shooters bring 5 to 7 magazines for the 1911 to the line.  You may need more magazine pouches.  They may let you stage some magazines until you get fully fixed with leather.


Have Fun


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I have a RIA that has a coupla thousand rounds thru it, bone stock except a little ramp work.  Seems to be holding up ok.  But, it's really just a back-up to my back-up!  I use a pair of Taylor's Tactical (made in the same place as the RIAs) with several thousand rounds thru each and no broken parts...  yet!  Both have had the stock sights replaced, for operator ease, and an action job with a little attention to the ramp.  No complaints about any of the 3.
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Just had to buy another gun for a new sport ;D So a model 12 has come my way serial number is in the 120000 range, if what I looked up is correct, that should be a 1949 year model. Has a plug, was only able to get three rounds in it. Full choke barrel but does seem to cycle ok, after ZI learned the rounds can run into the riser I guess you would call it. Good price, was advertised as refinished, they did a good job, a very good job on the blueing, it looks good.
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