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Shok Buff


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On another forum I posed the question whether the Shok Buff system, or even just the shok Buff buffer pad,  by Wilson, was legal for Wild Bunch. 

Advised that I post it here, in the Rules Board.


There was the thought that it would be legal in Modern Category, not Traditional. 


However, I thought that ANY recoil reducing system was not allowed in either category.


Comments?  Ruling?

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Probably not legal in Modern.

Almost certainly not legal in Traditional.


WB is different from Cowboy in that any device that is a recoil reduction device has been declared illegal, even though it may be an internal modification.  So the "only external mods are illegal" concept from Cowboy does not carry over here.


The Sprinco recoil reducer has been disallowed.  So this Wilson deice, quite similar, most likely will be also.  But it depends upon the rules committee if they want to name this specific one as illegal.


Just the shock buffer pads - those are legal in either general category.  Most WB folks DO NOT use them, out of reliability problems they can cause, based on surveys that have run on here in the past.


Good luck, GJ





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This will be interesting, I don't see why it wouldn't be legal in Modern.  It looks like a regular full length guide rod and guide (looking at GJ's link in the other thread).  The forbidden guide rods have extra springs, bearings, tungsten or etc.  You can buy the same Wilson guide rod and guide from Brownells without the shock buffs and the recoil reducing hype.


Rules say:

"No barrel porting or compensators or other recoil reducing devices allowed. No recoil reducing devices are allowed. This means no Springcoil, STI, Fire Dragon, Hartts, tungsten, or similar recoil reducing guide rods, full length dust covers, extra weights, and the like."


Of course I am no authority but that doesn't look like a "similar recoil reducing guide rod."  Now Wilson does make a two piece guide rod that would probably be illegal but the link in the previous thread is for a one piece guide rod.  We will see what the authority says.


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Wilson system on top with nylon buffer pad. Springco system on bottom. The Wilson has a SOLID, full length guide rod. Perfectly legal in Modern. The Springco has a springloaded, recoiling absorbing guide rod which is not legal in Wild Bunch. Having used them both extensively, I cannot see a recoil reduction. I have seen the nylon buffers go south.


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