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Believe it will depend upon which category you want to shoot in.


Here's the most applicable part of the rules for a Modern category 1911:

No barrel porting or compensators or other recoil reducing devices allowed. No recoil reducing devices are allowed. This means no Springcoil, STI, Fire Dragon, Hartts, tungsten, or similar recoil reducing guide rods, full length dust covers, extra weights, and the like.
    (note: rules probably mean Sprinco device, which is one of the more common ones)


Here's a description, which always helps us understand what device is being asked about:



At first glance, it seems it would be legal in Modern category.


Note that several of the reviews include reviews from users that there was a noticeable reduction in recoil.  If that really is true, then the Wilson system would seem to be illegal.  If that is just "end-user hype" because they wanted to believe it was true, then there's no parts in the kit that if installed individually would be illegal by themselves.  For example, a full-length recoil spring guide rod, and the custom plug needed to install and remove it, are allowed in Modern guns.  And I don't see any parts that would be active recoil-reducers.  But then again, it's not all that different from a Sprinco recoil reducer.  So, you probably are on shaky ground even in Modern.  See recommendation below.



In Traditional, however, I would expect that it would not be legal. "Full-length recoil spring guide rod" is prohibited.  That guide rod in the system is so long, some of the installers noted they had to trim it to proper length to get it into the gun.  Sure sounds like a "full-length guide rod" to me.



BUT - these are my guesses on the Modern category.  Before you go to the expense, wait for a reply from one of the Rules Committee for WB - I'm sure one will pick up on this soon (maybe even sooner if you had placed this in the Rules sub-board)


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Having used the Wilson system and the Springco system extensively in 3 gun and other shooting sports, I cannot see a recoil reduction with either. However, I have seen the plastic shock buffs cause problems. With the gun properly set up, you don't need the padding to prevent battering. Paying attention to springs is much more important.

Like Joe said, I believe the Wilson system to be legal in Modern.

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I posted thread here, since it referenced another post on this area.  However, I'll post it on the rules forum.


I agree that recoil is perceived differently, one person or another.



While recoil can certainly be perceived differently by different people, the clock tells the tale. When the split times between shots and the accuracy stays the same, recoil reducers don't make a difference.

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