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Model 12 carrier flag

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There were no set dates or serial numbers where the flags were in stalled.  I have done action jobs on Model 12's from the 1930's up thru the 1960's.  Some came with flags and some with out.  Even guns built in the 60's some came with out flags.  No rime or reason for Winchester shotguns with or with out the flags.  I have been working on Model 12's for many years.  Maybe someone has an insight to their existence.



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Can a flag be installed on a gun without one?  The Model 12's are really scarce over here.


Only if your carrier has the hole for the flag.  I have installed one on a carrier that had the hole, no problem.  Recently I was told by a gunsmith that it was nearly impossible to drill the hole in the right spot if the carrier didn't have one.

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