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Model 12 feeding


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Is it possible for the magazine spring in the Model 12 to be too strong, even if cut to allow 6 shells in the magazine?  It seems that I often have feeding issues, especially with the first or second round out of the magazine.

Would a newer spring, or the Wild Bodie Tom spring set help?

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The action itself feel smooth at least when empty    Often with the first one or two shells the shell seem to block the action or get stuck and not chamber correctly    With dummy rounds that are empty of shot they seem to chamber perfectly and do not hang up
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I cleaned the mag tube inside.  It wasn't terrible, but a little dirty.  The spring had no rust on it.

After reassembly, I used some dummies with shot for the correct weight and ran them through without an issue.  Now, I'll have to try them with regular shells at the range.


I am not sure how much the bolt and cutoff are worn, I'll have to inspect them a little more.  How obvious would that be?


Of course, might just be operator error.


Next step, off to the range.

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Off to the range today.

Although things started well, I did have several "jams," when the shell would miss the chamber to the right and strike the side of the breech.

So, I shall see if something is out of alignment or weak. 

I was wondering if a weak left extractor/spring could do that.

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I seem to have got darn lucky. My unflagged one runs anything I put in it. I haven't shot my backup enough to know if it will or not. I do have a carrier with flag that someone needs more than I do......




Email me on the carrier and let me know what your asking for it. I would like a flagged one in my back up.







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I have seen shooters with an M12 without a flag that have problems and some don't.  If a shooter tends to cant the gun when operating an M12 without a flag the shell can have a tendency to get misaligned.  Luckily I have not had problems with my unflaged one.  Your milage may vary.



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I have found it very easy to place the cut-off lever in the gun incorrectly.  This has bitten me (I'm embarrassed to say) more than once.  The front edge has to go behind the barrel, in an invisible slot in the receiver, before being dropped into the side of the receiver. 


I know everyone knows this.  But, as I say, it has bitten me more than once.


Also, I've found the cut-off lever likes to ride in a substantial pool of oil.


Hope my confession helps someone.

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