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Interesting video of the 1911

red cent

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I was thinking about the liter spring & your velocity of the bullet.It seems like with the liter spring it would take less pressure tu operate the slide.So if you have less pressure behind the bullet your velocity would drop off..Largo...
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largokc, ;D it being a spring and not gas operated I don't think there would be any difference in velocity between no spring and a 22 pound spring. that said  I didn't realize that  lighter springs were controversial. top shooters have been tailoring the spring to the load for many years , at least back into the late sixties , early seventies. I'm sure it goes further than that. does anyone remember the phrase  "powder springs" and not in reference to the MAC 10? that was the old guys shooting lighter than ball and putting in lighter springs to accommodate the reduced load.  the 20 and 22 pound springs I think came along because of the plus p rounds and super tight bushings etc.  :o also we can't forget the 45 super can we? that would account for a heavy heavy spring. also one more thought ---stock springs in a govt issue was 16 pounds and designed for standard hardball at about 850 fps. to put it one way that would be a 195.5 power factor so if you're loading a 230 bullet at a power factor of 160ish 30 to 35 less it only makes sense to run a less powerful spring than factory. that would be my thought on it anyway. dusty
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HI Gang; I use a 13 pound progress recoil spring with a shock buff to protect the frame. so far so good, like the man said as he fell off the 20 story building. I will let you know if there is a crash. Load about 160 PF.
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The 1911 uses a locked system that remains locked until internal pressure decreases. As they unlock, the slide starts to move. The bullet is still in the barrel but will leave before the barrel drops unlocked from the slide.


No matter what spring you are using, the spring will not influence the timing of the unlocking of the slide and barrel.


You can fire the 1911 without a recoil spring with no damage. I have fired my National Match a number of times sans recoil spring. "Protecting" the slide with a heavier spring is not really..kinda true. The difference in a 12# spring and a 20# spring might be noticed after many, many,  thousands of rounds are fired.


John Moses Browning, in his writings and in his patent papers called the spring a "reaction spring". The main purpose of the spring is to return the slide to battery. Any other benefits are incidental.


The erroneous information on heavy springs goes into the same category as "Shok-Buffs" and full length guide rods. They are not needed. My National Match came with a fl guide rod and I still use it. Don't need it but it works with it. ;D

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