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Is this holster WBAS legal?

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I have a problem with this holster copied from the US ARMY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE agents'holster in VietNam.


The magazine pouch is on the same side of the bowy than the pistol, and so not conforming to the holster rule page 12 of the Handbook. I've neen told that as long as there is no magazine in the pouch it can be used on WB matches; even if it's a magazine pouch if empty it's considered as clear for WBAS. Is this true or is it not legal for WBAS?



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Maybe it's just your lighter pouch.    ;D


Same as BD - I'd not call it as illegal if you are not using it as one of your mag pouches.


Some folks on the Cowboy side have bullet loops on their holsters.  They are (usually) empty.  It's a no call everywhere I've ever been - no one even mentions it. 




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On the "cowboy side", per the rules, loops for cartridges are legal on the holster and you can use them for your cartridges (I think than you even can have shotgun shell loops on the CAS holster as the style of cartridge is not exatly precised!)


CAS SHB page 11:

Ammunition required for reloads during the course of any stage must be carried on the shooter’s person in a bandoleer, cartridge/shotshell belt loop, pouch, holster, or pocket or be safely staged as required by stage instructions. Leather belt slide ammo loops are acceptable; however, shotgun shell slides may not be worn over shotgun loops on an ammo belt. Shotgun loops must be in a single row. Rifle and revolver ammunition may not be carried in a shotshell loop. No ammunition may be carried in the mouth, ears, nose, cleavage, or any other bodily orifice.


WBAS SHB page 14:

Magazine pouches must be worn on the opposite side of the body from the handgun.


nothing says if the pouches has to be empty or not the rule only says "pouches must be" not "pouches with a magazine in must be"

Such a pouch on a holster is evidently a magazine pouch not a lighter pouch!

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First, and I don't mean for this to sound smarta**ed, this isn't cowboy. Second, I truly believe the intent is for the magazine pouches on the opposite side of the body to be used and not pouches on the same side as the gun. AS GJ said, put a lighter in it. Put a folding knife in it.

We both may be wrong but I see it as a non issue if it does not have a magazine in it.

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As far as I am concerned if there ISN'T a magazine in it it isn't a magazine pouch per the intent of the rules. I see people carry the magazine they intend to insert in the pistol to the loading table tucked in their pistol belt which is an illegal place for a magazine but the stage hasn't started so it is a NO CALL. I agree with others and if it is empty I would call the rig legal.
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