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Winter Range feedback


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We got some official feedback from the folks at WR:  120+ shooters.  I think 77 took the survey.


6 thought there were too many pistol targets.  We have always used 20-25 as the norm with occasional 30 round stages.  We had several very vocal folks who wanted more pistol and decided to go for more.  I think there were too many pistol rounds also but I bet there sere just as many who thought it was just right.


4 though we should not have changed the start at such a late date.  My fault.  I should have realized much earlier that we would need a earlier start time to make sure everyone would have time to eat and shoot the side matches.  Won't happen again. It had to be changed but I should have done so sooner.


A few thought the brass sale deal did not work well.  I agree.  We will have to think of something different next year.


I don't think the hostage targets were well thought of.  I think it was because they were hard to spot as they had to be fixed in place so we would not have to go down range to reset them.  Repainting them after each shooter is the best fix but it can't happen on a berm with more that one stage on it.  We will work on that.  Maybe just use them on one stage berms.


Despite lots of talk only 3 thought the targets were too small. I counted 13 small targets out of 295 total pistol shots.  About right in my mind.  We used most of the CAS match targets so there were plenty of close and medium targets as well.


8 thought the match was too complex?  Got me there.  The hardest thing we had to do was a double tap Nevada sweep.  I suspect all the pistol shooting required lots of thought about where to start back after a reload but don't know.  Someone explain this one to me.  One could start anywhere and shoot in any order on almost all of the stages.  This made the match very safe as far as  muzzle control. 


Some judge WB matches by how many clean shooters there are.  I think you will continue to be perplexed as the matches will continue to be a mix of close, medium and hard targets.  A good score will be the indicator of a good match.


Thanks to all who shot the match.  I thought this year was one of the best WR matches to date including the WB match.



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This was my first really big WB shoot.  I thought it was great!  Lots of targets made it more challenging and more interesting.


Lost brass was no big deal.  I loaded up my oldest brass and didn't worry about it.  I really have no interest in buying someone else's used brass. 

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Hi Gene,

I thought the WB match was fine in general, there probably could have been a mixture of pistol rounds instead of 30 per stage.

With some of the target layouts I think some lost their place with where they were, but then again it's WB.

The brass issue I agree was not a good idea, lost most of my Starline brass and the brass I bought  back to help the scouts was mostly crap, and way to expensive. 

I think most shooters must have used their worst brass knowing they'd lose it.

I fail to see why WR even keeps considering the match to be a lost brass match. With so many shooters per posse there are plenty of pickers that could pick the brass before each shooter. Most of the time there were bodies just hanging around waiting their turn for a job to do!!

In some instances we were just sweeping it out the door, could have easily be picked up, this applies to the whole match. If they want to help the Scouts then maybe the EOT arrangement works better where they pick up and get tipped at the end of the day. At least you'll get most of your brass back.

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I think most shooters must have used their worst brass knowing they'd lose it.



I can guarantee that wasn't the case with me! I'm not foolish enough to take anything but the best brass I can to a national or world championship match. To risk losing a match of this level on a 15 cent piece a brass is just asinine! I would bet that the top 25% of finishers felt the same way.


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