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WR chorney results??

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Nope. Shot it all, everyone passed.

anyone wanting the specifics is more than welcome to run all the ammo at next year.

we never turn down volunteers for work. LOL


please note.  This is the second WR AND EOT in a row everyone tested and passed.

pretty much people have it figured out.


Thanks to all.


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A BIG thank you to Tom and Two Dot for doing all of the work! As to the specifics, I would guess most of the pistol bullets weigh 230 and run around 725-750 fps. Second most popular would be 200 at a little over 800 fps. This is just speculation as I have not polled folks or run the chrono for a major match. However, I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express once and chronographed my own ammo a LOT.
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Yup. That's what it was alright.

Had two folks really, really close.

One with 230's one with 200's. Even with one of the persons gun as well. Same as through mine. Just sayin.

Have had it be quite different, but not this time. I use a stock barreled 70 series Colt to test with.

But, I also know they know what they are doing, as they have been doin it awhile, and they also know the risk....

So be it.

It was close....

All the rest were well above with the average being 165-170 factor.

I could not attend the warm up at Cowtown this year. Always had a chrono and scale available. Don't know if Samy and JT had one or not.

Race day is a little late to know what your ammo does.... Just sayin.


Thanks for the thanks as well.



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