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We are going to try to keep the standard high.  I am trying to get decent side match trophies as well but always a  work in progress.  On that subject we need more sponsors for the Main match and side matches.  The problem is the WB matches are still step child status and a drain on revenues.  We need for them to make money on WB.  I bought trophies for the first few years at WR and they were real good at working with me to get something nice.  EOT would not accept my offer after the first year as they did not want me to dictate what trophies they give and who they gave them to. At that time there was a fight over even awarding the Overall. The awards this year for the side matches at EOT were $1 trinkets totally unworthy of winning a side match at the World Championships.
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I think what everyone is talking about was the WB final scores with stage times were not posted on the board or on the website when the CAS ones were.  Also I am not sure the daily scores were on the board.  I am pretty sure I could not look up the WB final scores on the website to see how I did time wise on the stages and I am not sure they wee on the board after the awards.  Someone chime in as my memory of this is not good. I could have the details wrong.  I think it should be handled exactly the same as the CAS part.

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Get with Evil Roy for that decision. When I spoke to Zak at Bordertown, he assured me that whatever the WB committee gets with him on, will be done.

As long as they communicate well, which seems to be the case at this time, there should be no issues moving forward. Please remember that WinterRange is and has been the SASS Cowboy National Championship, and remains one of the premier matches in the world.

  Adding the WB National to it provides a good "draw" to perhaps holding it at another time or place. There is definitely a captive audience so to speak tying it to WinterRange. However, it does add lots of effort and work to a already very busy event. So, if we want it to be what we want it to be, we need help from the WB folks to make that happen. So stand ready to offer a hand as Gene will be needing some help.

Just sayin.....





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