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Remington R1

Crazy Mingo

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First I am NEW to wild Bunch.. :-\..I have alot of Questions about this sport .. ???Ive shot two matches and did not do vary well.. :-\I want to shoot traditional..will a Remington R1 with the slide port opened up and coated be OK to use.. ??? The first thing I need is a GOOD 1911 .I have a Taurus stainless with all the bells and whisles.. ::)I'm looking for reconmendations..  :-\Thanks ya all.. Crazy Mingo
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Crazy Mingo -


The Remington R1 would be a great pistol for Traditional WB. Several folks are shooting them. The relieving of the ejection port is allowed.  As is any coating/painting you want to do.


Pistols may be plated or painted.


If I remember right, Rem's come with dots on the sights - which should be covered over or blacked out to give a uniform single-color sight surface.


90% of problems getting your pistol running right come from the ammo.  The other 90% of problems come from poor quality magazines.  Make sure you have those right (have other shooters test them if you have questions about either) before you have any further frustration with shooting WB.  And finally, the remaining 90% of problems come from trying to operate the pistol without a firm grip and a keen sense of mastery of it's workings.


Good luck, and WELCOME to WB!  YeeHaw, GJ



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