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1897 with Barrel rail.

Frenchie Boy

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Hello All,


I have a case here where I have been asked if the following 1897 Model 12 was legal or not.

Rail is setting on the top of the barrel ( see picture )

I don't think it is legal, as I didn't find any original 1897 model 12 having this sort of item. ( 1897 Basic Line, Trench or Riot )


I just would like to have confirmation of this.


Thanks for your answer





Note : Some more details : It is a Model 12 from 1950 and not a 1897 as first written.


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The Model 12 Trench gun ( with the heat shield and bayonet lug) was used by the Army and USMC in WWI and by the USMC in WWII. Winchester definitely made them that way. 


A Model 12 Trench gun made an appearance at our recent State WB match.  I did a quick research of the rules and found nothing making it illegal.    If I missed it let me know as I have a model 12  that I am considering converting to a Trench gun.

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That's a Winchester Model 12 with a vent rib.  Nothing I see that makes it illegal - unless that's a fluorescent red bead at the muzzle.  More complete picture might show something else.


Rule on page 13 of WB Shooter Handbook

Front sights may be blue, black, steel, ivory, faux ivory, brass, gold, pewter, copper, or silver.


If it's not one of those colors, it may be replaced pretty easily.


Don't see a heat shield or bayonet lug... don't know what the talk here about Trench Guns is about.


good luck, GJ

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Okay, I'll bite.

I'd like to know what is on the muzzle? Is that an external adjustable choke like a poly-choke? I can't tell from the photograph. It has a sling swivel and looks like it is longer than the end of the barrel.


That looks like a barrel band with sling swivel and attaching point for the rail.  Will this open the gate to allow cobbled up Model 12's??



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Doc, it has always been ILLEGAL to modify an existing standard issue shotgun to look like it was a "trench gun" style. Adding the heat shield, bayonet lug etc. part is NOT listed as an allowable external modification.


Interesting:  So an Original or clone Model 97 trench gun would be legal, but a 97 riot gun modified to  be a "faithful replica" Trench Gun is not?


Now that I look back at the rules, it could also be read that an original Model 12 trench gun might not be legal since the phrase "military style" is in a sentence that only applies to the 97.


Maybe we could use a rules clarification on this.



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