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Great news.


Black Jack Zak and the Arizona Territorial Company of Rough Riders have worked hard to expand the EOT 2022 Wild Bunch match as a result of the great demand.  To that end, they have approved a new limit of 180 shooters.  There are now 145 shooters registered including those who were on the waiting list.  There are 35 spots left.  If you have not yet registered, go to www.endoftrail.org and register now.  Shooters will be taken on a first come basis.  If it shows that WB is full, that will be changed shortly.


The format will be 10 posses, shooting 5 stages each morning Monday and Tuesday.  Speed side matches will be held Monday afternoon.  Long range BAMM and Sgt York will be held Wednesday afternoon with Teddy Roosevelt and Doughboy being held Wednesday morning.


This will be the biggest Wild Bunch match ever and one that you will enjoy.



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Awesome to hear about this level of turn out!


This side match schedule is different than what is on the website. Is this a change to accommodate the number of shooters? I am hoping to be able to shoot the Cowboy long range and Plainsman events, so I am very curious as to how this all times out. Really if Long Range and Sgt York is a typo and it is Tuesday afternoon I am set. This would give plenty of time to shooters to run both WB sidematches and Cowboy sidematches.


Extremely excited either way.

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There are no typos. 


Tuesday afternoon will be devoted to changing the 10 stages we shot to get them ready for the cowboy shoot.  We are going to need quite a few WB volunteers to help with the stage changeover on Tuesday afternoon.  It is critical that we get enough people to make sure the changeover goes smoothly and on time. 


We are fortunate to be able to schedule these major side matches on Wednesday to run alongside those already scheduled.  It was the best we could do to accommodate all the shooters.  Because of the changes, side match times have not been finalized but both the long range and TR/DB events will be scheduled for a number of hours each to allow WB shooters to shoot both WB and cowboy side matches.  Everyone needs to keep in mind that we are going to need a few volunteers to make this work for everyone.  We ask WB shooters to consider donating an hour to helping out with the WB side matches.  We will be working with cowboy to ensure all the side matches run smoothly and that there are enough volunteers to ensure they do.


It is very exciting to have so many Wild Bunch shooters.

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As of today, there are 23 Wild Bunch positions open for EOT 2022.  If you know someone who is interested in shooting Wild Bunch let them know.  To register, send an email to Sunshine Kay at register@endoftrail.org.

These numbers can change as cowboy shooters cancel and their places are filled by cowboys from the waiting list who also shoot WB.

We are looking forward to a great match!

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