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Nah Mate..we are still not allowed to travel......  bloody COVID...  We have a Wild Bunch side match (3 stages at least) at our State CAS match in a few months...I'm planning/running that one and will try to make it something special!
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Was looking for some more information on the location.  Not going to be able to make this match, but always on the lookout for places to go and wanted to file it away for next time.  Any links to web pages for the site?  I saw the Los Pistoleros facebook page was private.  And, the link on the SASS site didn't work.  Thanks.
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The pretty buckles are all gone and the winners are!


CN Double, AZ - Overall Man

Texas Tiger, NM - Overall Lady (Lady Modern State Champion


Boggus Deal, NM - Modern (Modern State Champion

Jim Miller, NM - Sr. Modern (Sr. Modern State Champion

Mica McGuire, NM - Traditional (Traditional State Champion)

Hands, NM - Sr. Traditional (Sr Traditional State Champion)

Mar-Lynn, TX - Lady Modern

      Gretal Ann Juan, NM (Lady Modern State Champion)

Lady Jane, NM - Lady Traditional (Lady Traditional State Champion)


And Tex won the 1911!


Thank you to all who made the trek to shoot with us.

Thank you to all who worked so hard putting the match on.

Thank you to the Chisum Cowboys for letting us use their magnificent range.

Thank you to all our sponsors, especially Aguirre Auto aka Fast Hammer.


See you next year,


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