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Lubing the Model 12


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Hi All -


I recently purchased a newer Model 12 as a backup for my older match Model 12. This weekend I dissembled, sonic cleaned, scrubbed and scrubbed all of the old crud out of all the parts and then oiled all of those parts. The gun is now scattered around on the bench awaiting reassembly.


While I shoot Model 12's for WB, I still struggle with lubrication points within the gun. My cowboy 97's are easy to spot with the wear points because of their use. These 12's are somewhat of an enigma to me. They do not enough use to find the wear points for lubrication.


When I look in the receiver (through the bottom to the top) there are wear points that are easy to spot where bolt rubs on the top of the receiver and as it slides out of the cavity where the leading edge of the bolt rests when in firing position. Those are the only two points easy to spot. The rails that the bolt slide on on this new gun are not even worn yet. It was manufactured in 1955 but it was not seen much use.


My question to all of you who know much more than I do it this:  What are the other lubrication points within the 12 and what are they lubed with (ie oil or grease)?


Thanking everyone in advance for taking time and read and perhaps writing an answer for us less learned Wild Bunchers.


Respectfully - J.J.

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The M12 likes to be wet in my experience.


There are four (4) points I pay attention to.  First, I put grease in the 'pocket' on the bolt that receives the action bar.  I get that 'cirque' cut covered on all surfaces.  Second, I oil the action bar -- itself -- as it passes through the hole into the action, and also the channel that it runs in inside the receiver.  This is perhaps the most important thing to lubricate as it relates to the 'feel' of the gun during a match.  Third, the cut behind the shell stop gets a good puddle of oil.  That seems to eliminate double feeding issues for me.  And, finally, the ejector gets oiled by putting lube in the channel on the bolt that it 'runs' in.


Personally, I use TW-25b grease on the bolt where the action bar engages it.  And, I use Mobil 1, 0-20W,  motor oil on the action bar/receiver, shell stop/receiver, and ejector/bolt.


In my experience the M12 seems to benefit from being cleaned and lubricated regularly.

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