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1911 Magazine Springs


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I'm curious as to how long a magazine spring for a 1911 magazine will keep its spring.  If it's loaded with 7 or 8 cartridges, will the spring loose its spring power after a while?


What about the recoil spring?  If the slide is locked back, will the recoil spring loose its strength?


Mostly interested in the mag springs.



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Last round failure to strip the cartridge from the mag is a pretty common failure.  Usual cause for that is a weak mag spring. 

As with most other coil springs in a 1911, the correct spring pressure is key to smooth and reliable operation of the pistol. 


For loaded service magazines, I see recommendations to unload and leave unloaded (for several days) at least every few months.  Many police departments are reported to have the officer use the loaded service mags and ammo for routine range time, then leave them unloaded for a while.


The better the quality of springs in the magazines, the less need I would perceive to periodically unload the mag.


If you are talking about our game, I always empty mags at end of the match and leave empty until next match.


Good luck, GJ


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We have lived in this house since 1958 and there are several springs here and there still soldiering as good as then.


All my mags are designed for 8 rounds. If I have some loaded with 5 or even 7 at the end of a match you can bet your sweet bippy I am not going to unload them. Just that many I don't have to load up next time.


Not something to worry about.

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