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There are many ways to rack the slide. Most guys sling shot it. But this is what I teach the ladies in my CCW classes:


For a right handed shooter. Grip and draw the pistol with your right hand. Place your left hand on the slide, all four fingers and thumb either in front of or behind the ejection port. (Ask Kid Rich about covering the ejection port.) Your thumb is towards you on the left side of the slide and fingers on the right side. Brace the left forearm against your stomach and and hold it there. With your right hand push the pistol out of the left hand with out moving the forearm from your stomach. The closer to your body the more strength you have and the farther away you strength decreases dramatically.


BTW I use Boggus's hammer and firing pin retainer along with a reduced main spring and recoil spring.


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She does push the frame and pull the slide it’s just arthritis is making it harder to grasp the slide,

so checking for extra ideas. Bogus I sent a PM.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.


She should not pull the slide. The hand and arm that holds the slide should be held immobile against her side and then push the frame of the gun with her other hand this is much easier to do.


PS check J Franks post and do it like that.

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