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Dan Wesson 1911 With Rib on Slide

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Some Dan Wesson 1911s, otherwise legal for Modern category, have an integral rib machined into the top of slide.  Would this be legal? 


From WB shooters handbook:  No external “rib” allowed on top of slide.  This means no external rib such as a BoMar may be attached to the top of the slide by screws, welding, or any other means.  The top of the slide may be flattened, serrated, and/or matted to reduce glare.  Original Colt Gold Cup ribs are legal.


Opinions?  Interpretations?

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I would give the OPINION that the rule is meant to eliminate the function of mechanical accuracy enhancement that a Bomar or other accuracy enhancing rib can provide, and to accept the function of a solid rib that was machined into the slide at the factory - per the Colt Gold Cup example. 


That would make much more sense than believing the rules allow some brand name machined-in ribs and disallow other machined-in ribs, neither of which change the accuracy of the gun, but both perhaps equally and slightly enhance the shooter's abilities.


So, I'd think the Wesson factory machined-in rib would be legal.


Good luck, GJ



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HI Gang; Had a Norinco adjustable sights and machined scratch's on the top of  the slide. NASTEY to leather holster, chewed up a nice new Mernickle holster. But hey it was 400 bucks new.

The Smith Wesson, Doug Koenig custom fits a lot nicer with bragging in the parking lot. Canada Eh!

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Here's what Dan Wesson's VP of Operations provided today in regards to the nature of the DW slide rib that they used to have as an option:


The Clark Style rib was discontinued but was an integral part of the slide by machining a round top slide.  This rib does not stand proud of a standard round top slide and will fit into any standard 1911 holster.


Keith Lawton

VP of Operations

Dan Wesson Firearms | CZ-USA


I appreciate his taking the effort to provide this info for us!


Good luck, & stay safe, GJ


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