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Is this Model 12 legal?

Southpaw Gringo

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It's a Model 12.

It's in 12 gauge.


As long as it does not have a Cutts Compensator or other external choke, and it's in factory-issued condition externally, it should be good to go.  External modifications, external chokes, are called out as illegal in the handbook.


Make sure it's not a Winchester Model 25.  A non-takedown version of M12 with short magazine tube.


Good luck, GJ


"No mention of it in the WB shooters handbook."


Sure it's mentioned in the handbook.  Don't sweat about the model variations.  There's also Model 12 Duck guns, trap guns, skeet guns, Black Diamond high quality guns, etc.



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Southpaw Gringo,

If memory serves me, I don't think it is legal. There is no mention in the Handbook but it is different from the other M12s. It is a solid frame model that holds 4 rounds.


Before you buy, get a definitive answer from HJ. All the variations that GJ mentions are cosmetic and quality differences except for the 3" Duck gun and the duck gun won't run on short shells without a lot of gunsmithing. So don't buy it either.


There are too many firearm variations to exclude in the Shooters Handbook, especially in the 1911. So, unless it is specially included, consider it excluded unless a member of the WB committee tells you otherwise.


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