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Winter Range WB Side Matches

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The BAMM match at Winter Range has been changed a bit to be more military in style.  To that end the side matches are being published now for the information of all Wild Bunch competitors.



Monday, February 24, 2020, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. – Bay 13 (practice bay)


Long Range Rifle


2 targets, one at 100 yd and one at 150 yards (distances will depend on target size available)

Rifle – 10 rounds

The only support you may use, other than your body is a military sling that would have been used with your rifle.  A stripper clip may be used to load and reload the rifle.

Start standing with rifle loaded with 5 rounds.  Chamber a round under the direction of the TO.  At the buzzer, shoot 2 rounds at the far target and 3 rounds at the close target.

Change to the kneeling or seating position and then reload 5 rounds and shoot 3 rounds at the far target and 2 rounds at the close target. 

Highest number of hits wins with time used to break a tie.


Sergeant York


2 rifle targets at 100 yards, 6 pistol targets at 35 to 60 yards.

Rifle – 5 rounds, Pistol loaded with a 6-round magazine

Start standing with rifle in hand, bolt closed, chamber empty, 5 rounds in the magazine.

You may use a sling for support.

At the beep, alternate on the two rifle targets for 5 rounds, starting on either end.  Then make the rifle safe, draw the pistol and put one shot on each of the 6 pistol targets, starting on the furthest pistol target and sweeping to finish on the closest pistol target.

Shortest time wins. A miss is a 5 second penalty. A procedural is a 10 second penalty.

NOTE:  With thanks to Evil Roy and the use of his targets, you may use jacketed bullets in your rifle.



Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Bay 8 for all firearms


Rifle – 7 rounds

Shotgun – 6 rounds

Pistol – 2 magazines of 7 rounds each

Note:  Main match rifle and pistol rounds must meet WB power factor


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Rifle for Sgt. York?


Should be any BAMM legal rifle, I would assume.


how do you load the (bolt action rifle) magazine with the stripper clip and close the bolt on an empty chamber for the start?


Open action, insert stripper carrying 5 rounds, press rounds into magazine, pull out the empty clip, press down on top round in magazine with thumb, and slide bolt forward.

(Remove thumb from magazine before bolt goes completely closed -  ;D)


Good luck, GJ

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I agree with Happy Jack, as we are trying to make this an early 1900s military match.  You have the option of adopting a sitting position which is more stable in any case.

I checked with the Match Director and she agrees with Happy Jack.  No pads will be allowed.  Of course, exceptions will be made for a disability.


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Sgt York MOH:  In October 1918, as a newly-promoted corporal, York was one of a group of seventeen soldiers assigned to infiltrate German lines and silence a machine gun position. After the American patrol had captured a large group of enemy soldiers, German small arms fire killed six Americans and wounded three. York was the highest ranking of those still able to fight, so he took charge. While his men guarded the prisoners, York attacked the machine gun position, killing several German soldiers with his rifle before running out of ammunition. Six German soldiers charged him with bayonets, and York drew his pistol and killed all of them. The German officer responsible for the machine gun position had emptied his pistol while firing at York but failed to hit him. This officer then offered to surrender and York accepted. York and his men marched back to their unit's command post with more than 130 prisoners. York was immediately promoted to sergeant and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross; an investigation resulted in the upgrading of the award to the Medal of Honor. York's feat made him a national hero and international celebrity among allied nations
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