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Holster cartridge loops and single round reloads.


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I feel I shouldn't have to ask but - a stupid question IS better than a stupid mistake....


Can a holster have ammo loops on it and may they be used?    (The relevant section of the rules includes "holster" as one of the legit ways of carrying "loose ammunition" so I am assuming...yes?) 


And ...I WAS sure there was a prohibition on loading a single LOOSE round into the 1911... but I can't find that anywhere so am doubting myself now!!!


Thanks in advance!

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No prohibition on loading a loose round into 1911, but it's fairly slow to do (compared to slamming in a mag) and very likely to end up breaking the extractor tip off.


OK to put an ammo loop or several on holster.  But I just always carry an extra mag (or stage 'em) if there is ANY chance of needing it.  So much more useful and quicker with the rounds already in a mag!


Here's the rule citation about the holster as a legal place to put loops to carry reloads:


Loose ammunition (i.e., ammunition not in magazines) required for reloads during

the course of any stage must be carried on the shooter’s person in a bandoleer,

cartridge/shot shell belt loop, pouch, holster, or pocket or be safely staged.

Page 14, WB Shooter Handbook


Good luck, GJ

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There used to be a probation on loading a loose round in the pistol. It was removed a couple years ago by the Rules Committee as an unnecessary penalty. (They are doing a great job BTW!)


The Mernickle rig used to have ACP loops on it. That is a waste of space unless you have a rifle converted to ACP and I can't think of a good reason to add them.


There is a good reason to not load a single round in your 1911 or any other semi-auto pistol. When the slide strips the round off the magazine the rim of the round slides under the extractor as it enters the chamber. With a single round, the extractor is forced over the rim of the already chambered round. It breaks pieces off the edge that grabs the rim and eventually will not extract.


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this was a question from a local leather maker who had been asked to make a holster with loops on it


The best advice to the holster maker is to push the customer not to encumber his holster with loops!  Offer to make him a belt slide that can then be used for rifle (very handy), and count on magazines to do pistol reloads!


There's a valuable acronym for this condition in the shooter's mind -    YAGNI    You Ain't Gonna Need It!

This isn't a cowboy shoot where you will need to single load a round into your revolver.


Good luck, GJ

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