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Model 12 Burst Barrel


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This is NOT how you want your Model 12 barrel to look.

I believe it was the 3rd round. Suspected squib 2nd round.

A very experienced, fast shooter.

Afterwards said noticed 2nd round didn't seem right but didn't react quick enough to stop.

Nobody hurt. Shotgun was first and shooter finished stage.

I shoot my Model 12's pretty quick and I don't think I would've been able to react either.

This is simply to show what can happen.


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I was at the loading table where I could see the shooter but not the firearm due to a stage front wall.

First round sounded pretty normal, second round sounded different but not the phfffft you hear from a Cowboy squib, third round KABOOM. Anyone who has shot Cowboy for any length of time is familiar with the phffft from a rifle/revolver squib. This shotgun sound was nothing like that. I've been shooting shotguns for 55 years and I have never heard or seen a shotgun burst like this.

Had I been the shooter yesterday, I probably would have shot the third round also as I didn't not recognize it as a squib.


The takeaway for me is, if my shotgun round doesn't sound normal, declare malfunction and move on.



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