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Need Model 12 gunsmith recommendation ...

Dead Head

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When I tried it yesterday afternoon with some factory Winchester Low Noise Low Recoil shells having loaded six, it would bring a shell up, but the shell would not go forward into the chamber.  It was kind of just stuck there.  Sometimes it would work, sometimes not.


I'm in New England.

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Can you tell us a bit more about the gun?


Confirm that it's a 2 3/4" chambered gun.


Does it have a flag?


Do the serial numbers of the receiver and barrel match?


Are you sure the cartridge cutoff is installed correctly in the gun? (a very common source of feeding problems!)


And, as Boggus said, have you got a 12 gauge shell checker and have you checked EVERY shell you've tried to run through the gun?


And, I have no idea what you mean by the term "stop" that you reference in regard to a "new spring."  Neither of the mechanisms that stop a shell from leaving the magazine operates with a spring.  So, it isn't clear what you're referring to -- at least to me.

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it would bring a shell up, but the shell would not go forward into the chamber.


Do you mean that the bolt went forward, and the shell was not raised high enough by the carrier for the bolt to catch the rim of the shell and shove it into the chamber? 

Or do you mean the cartridge jams into the back of barrel and stops the bolt from going forward? 


If shell was properly on carrier, then carrier is not rising far enough to get the shell ready to chamber.


If shell was not fully on carrier (nose still in mag tube), then it's hanging up in the magazine tube/cartridge cutoff.


Is the failure to feed more common when tilting the 12 to the right?  If so, tilt it to the left, because you either don't have a flag or the flag is not operating well.


Good luck, GJ

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