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Opinion on model 12 vs 1897?

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Since I shoot a sxs in CAS the biggest difference I noticed is that the model 12 is a PIA if you have to reload 2 for a popper on a stage with 8 rounds and aren't fast enough to single load both rounds.  Getting your thumb stuck half in the mag tube is rather unpleasant.  I also believe that the ejection port on the model 12 is smaller making single reloads slightly harder too.  At least on mine when I  compare them they are.  Again I  am a sxs shooter so for those that normally shoot a 97 in CAS they may be much more proficient at reloading the 12.  Having said that I think my 12 is much smoother and would rather shoot that than the 97.  I only use the 97 if I  have a stage with 8 rounds and the reload has to be on a popper. Just my opinion though.
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Loading into the magazine tube on the clock is going backwards! If you must load on the clock, the port is the only way to go! Grab two shells, load one into the port holding one shell in between your thumb and forefinger. Close action, fire with your middle finger. Open action, tods in second shell, close action and fire.
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