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Main spring houseing, WEDGE


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I have used this mainspring housing on my match pistols for 8 years. I don't see how it would force your hand higher. It is simply a checkered flat mainspring housing. The flat un-checkered mainspring housing on my WWI repo is not the cause of hammer bite, it's is the short grip safety spur. That is why the US Army in 1924 adopted a longer grip safety spur. The longer grip safety spur is on my series 70 with a V-grip housing, no bite (a traditional pistol). I like the flat housing because it points better (for me) and I like it checkered for the friction.


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This isn't just the standard flat mainspring housing.  This one is angled to have more metal at the bottom than the top, so the housing makes for a larger grip at the bottom than at the top (ALA a hog leg revolver grip frame).


If you look at the ad for this in the Brownell's site, it explicitly says it forces the shooter's hand upward into the grip safety.


Directly quoting the web page:




Fully Checkered, Consistent High Grip


Fully machined, drop-in mainspring housing keeps your hand in the proper position. Forces the web of the hand high into a beavertail-style grip safety. Fully checkered for a positive grip.


Good luck, GJ

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