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1911 mag release

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Looking for a specific mag release and maybe someone knows who made it.  The standard Colt mag release is .855 inch.  Most extended mag releases add 1/16th of an inch and come out more or less .925 inch.  I can find these all over (I use Brownells).  I came across a mag release on a used customized pistol that measures 1.055 inch.  It is extended and not oversize so it is still legal for WBAS.  Looking for one for a friend and my search has turned up zero.  So does anyone know who makes these?


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I have a couple as well in my parts stash. They showed up in the late 70's. Do not see anything like those around these days. I make em if someone just "has" to have one...... Stick out too far to me, especially in the holsters that seem to be about these days.


A good plastic surgeon pretty sure could "extend" your thumbs.........

Whoops, might get another 'rule" from that statement.

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