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Winter Range Wild Bunch Warm-up question

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Warm up? WARM UP? You don't need no stinkin' warm up!!! Especially if that scoundrel Shell Stuffer is coming with you!

Seriously, as HJ stated, there won't be time for a warm up at WR. However, on the Friday before the match starts, there is a WB match at Cowtown. I do believe the practice bay will be open at WR on Sunday. I will check and if I find out anything, I will report here.

Look forward to seeing you!


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I agree Marshall Stone.  REALLY looking forward to this match.  There will be 4 "Boys from Illinois" at WR this year.  I sure hope we don't have to beat those "Morales" boys in a side match again.  I think the "strain was more than they could bear" at EOT.  ;D
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The best chance to do a Wild Bunch warm-up for WR will be on Friday, February 16 at Cowtown as part of the Fire and Ice shoot. Garrison Joe showed the link for registration. Zona and Barbwire have planned a great shoot with lots of real Wild Bunch shooting that should get you ready for WR if you can get there in time.


It should be lots of fun.


As an aside, is there interest in a Wild Bunch RO course during Winter Range?


Legendary Lawman

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