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1911 spring weights?


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HI Gang. So just curious what combination of spring weights do you use? Main hammer spring ---, with a recoil spring of ----? As these two springs affect the slide if you change one do you adjust the weight of the other when using loads of power factor 150 plus a little bit.
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Dang, so I guess you missed this lengthy discussion from two weeks ago? 





Short recap:

My choice for 165 PF loads in "government" models - mainspring 19# and recoil spring 15#.  That often means you need to hone out the mainspring housing bore so that the lighter-than-factory spring can provide all it's energy to the hammer instead of part of it wasted to friction.


Read that other thread for a simple test to see if your gun is sprung well.


Yes, there is a need to balance the spring weights. As you tinker with one, the other is usually adjusted in the same direction so they evenly share the work of soaking up the recoiling slide motion. 


The "recoil" spring really is misnamed, as it's main duty is to drive the slide forward, chambering the next round.  Perhaps we ought to call it the slide spring?


Another spring that is usually way too strong for as often as we change magazines is the mag release button's spring! 



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HI Gang; YeP changed the mag release spring and went to 19 hammer and 15 recoil spring with no shock buff on this one, for now. The real issue with 1911 is they are like puppies. Just so cute you gotta have another one. The wife and I gave ourselves matching 1911 with consecutive serial numbers.
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