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Most all BAMM Shooters use lead bullets.  Nearly all ranges where Wild Bunch and BAMM are shot only allow Lead Bullets.  I shoot  a 30-06 in 3 different rifles.  I use a 170gr  .310 dia.  lead gas check bullet.  I use a slow burning powder 4759 with a Federal Gold Medal Large Rifle Primer.  Norm Purcella Roswell, New Mexico makes the bullets.  His phone number is




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Here's my 6.5x55 load that won the BAM match at Winter Range in 2016. 


As always, each rifle is a story unto itself, and what shoots to 1.5 MOA for my gun may not hold 5 MOA in yours.


But as promised:


Lapua cases

Winchester LR primer

Lyman 266673 mold cast myself using 16 Brinnell hardness alloy, coming out of mold at 150 grains +/-.  No heat treatment, sized through a 0.264" die.

Carnuba Red lube from LSS

Hornady gas check

17.5 grains Accurate 5744 powder


Since then, I've cast some nice slugs from a Night Owl Enterprises 162 grain mold that seem to want to shoot a little tighter group yet (maybe 1 1/4 MOA), over the same powder.


Many of the Swede Model 96 rifles really like a muzzle velocity at 1600 FPS or less.  More velocity, and the loads often open up group sizes.


good luck, GJ



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Good gravy GJ, your bullets must be half as long as your barrel at that weight.  How long is the throat on a Swedish Mauser?


And, BTW, I've been looking for one.  After flying 6.5 mm bullets at 1K yards for a few years, I'm a real fan boy of those bullets!!!  We have a guy who uses 6.5x55 at 1K and he'll beat you if you slip up.

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AW -

Yes, the Swedish Mausers have EXTREMELY long throats.  They love the long heavy-for-caliber slugs.


A big lot of the Swede 96 rifles and carbines were procured by an Albuquerque gun shop about 2 years ago, most in very good or better shape.  I could check if you want to know if they still have some of those around....PM me.


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