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Winter Range WBAS

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;D ;D ;D ;D

this is how my posses faces looked like after day one

good stages and nice size targets

weather is super nice and all is good


looking forward to day two


day 2, same nice weather, but some of the targets moved when I engaged them ;)


all i all, Winter Range WBAS was good, challenging enough for most and some you can not please

I say this I'm not clean nor fast so for me it was challenging enough. 


Samuel B

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Stages were good but needed more pistol shooting and further targets. Almost felt like this was Cowboy with a 1911.....

And Winter range still treats WBAS like a Side match. Our resident WB only shooter didn't get a ticket for the door prize drawing or one of the great range bags.

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I agree with Boggus, I too was getting the feeling of 20, 10, 6; kind of cowboyish.  I would like to have had 1 or 2 thirty round pistol stages with 3 or 4 twenty-five round pistol stages in the mix.


Other than that the stages were well written and fun to shoot.  Match was well organized and ran incredibly smooth.  My kudos to the WBAS committee.


And when I asked the second time for a range bag I was told emphatically NO!  Also, no ticket for the drawing of stuff that was donated to Winter range.  I wasn't about that detail ruin enjoying a really great match put on by some really great people and getting to shoot with some fun folks.


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Well never heard the PA.

As to the ticket, because I have never won anything I have viewed that with a smile.  Dillon, Ruger and the other fine sponsors donate really cool stuff.  I don't get a ticket because my main match is considered a side match.  I am scared about what might happen if I ever won a pair of SASS Rugers.

As I said before I decided that this was not going to have an effect on what I feel is a really great match.  Though I did get asked a lot of questions as I walked away from the registration window.

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I'm glad to see that the web site is finally up and running.  Samuel,  I personally wanted to thank you for the great job you did as posse marshall. You are a complete professional and next time I make it to Winter Range,  I pray that I am on your posse. Looking forward to shooting with you in the future.  Sincerely,  Will Lynchem.

PS. I loved the Wild Troll badges you made.  I will wear it on my hat with honor! W. L.

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Couple of quick comments.  The stand alone Wild Bunch Match fee at WR this year was $130.  That's $80 less than the Cowboy match fee.  The Rough Riders decided PRIOR to the event to provide any stand alone Wild Bunch shooter with a Range Bag and supplies were available.  There were approx six stand alone Wild Bunch shooters.  I have NO idea why any stand alone Wild Bunch shooter would not have received a bag.  It is possible that some or all of the fine ladies in registration were not told be they should have been.


We've received over 500 surveys back for Winter Range this year and a healthy amount of comments about the Wild Bunch match.  EACH and EVERY comment was read by the Board and we treat them with the utmost respect (even those for poker which I run and when I get over 20 responses for Poker which is more than actually participated - makes for some interesting thoughts).


Our goal for Wild Bunch is no different than for Cowboy.  To put on the finest match possible.  There are constraints however as we work WITH the Wild Bunch committee and the Wild Bunch Committee Match Director for Posse Marshal selection, for Stage design and for Prize presentation.    This year the Rough Riders as represented by Black Jack Zak and myself had a bit more influence on stage design and target placement but it was a compromise as Zak and Texas Jack would email the stages back and forth with refinements.  I was cc'd and was able to put in my two cents.  Like making sure the Dueling tree was on a down range stage so that we could either paint or return swingers to position whichever we ended up deciding.  We will continue to work with the Wild Bunch Committee as our goals are the same.  To promote Wild Bunch, to provide each shooter with a positive and safe shooting experience, to provide a challenging yet achievable match and to HAVE FUN shootin!


MOST of the comments about the Wild Bunch Match were quite positive and for every comment that wanted more pistol, there were as many or more that liked the amount of pistol.  Comments on target size, placement, dueling trees etc also reflected similar results, some asked for targets to be closer, others for targets to be out farther.  Some wanted smaller targets, others felt there were too many small targets.  No one cleaned the match but it was close. Dr. George had one miss, there were several with three misses.  (I didn't have a report for this and I need to make one). 


If anyone would like to know more or has additional questions please feel free to ask.

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Joe Lafives,

Thank you for a great match.


I do recognize that the stand alone match fee for Wild Bunch is $80 less than for the Cowboy match.  And I would like to point out that the WB match is a 2 day 10 stage match as opposed to a 3 day 12 stage.  That is an observation and not a complaint.  I shoot both formats and find them equally enjoyable.


Thank you for a well organized, enjoyable match.


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