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Winter Range side matches correction


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I am going to have to change the Long Range BAM, 1911 Long Range, and Shotgun Team shoot to Monday after the main match stages as opposed to Tuesday as I announced before.  We have to get out of the way on the long range bays so WR can start setting up long range for CAS Tuesday.  The WB Speed events will be Tuesday after the main match stages.


I still need side match help.  I want to have enough help so that folks working the side events can rotate out to shoot the matches as well.


I will have WR email out details that I have to all registered WB shooters very soon to be sure everyone is informed.

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Silvertip.  I must have missed your offer.  How about assisting Garrison Joe on the Team Shotgun Monday?  I am going to try to get as much help as possible so we can rotate out to shoot.  Since we do Speed on Tuesday and Long Range and Shotgun on Monday we should be able to do ok.


Still need more help.



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