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Please remember we have a power factor.  You would be advised to actually chrono your ammo.  Power factor of 150.  Smart shooters don't try to crowd the line of 150.  Most shooters are up near 160 or higher to be sure.  Temp. affects velocity.  Different guns shoot the same load at different velocities.  Chronos very slightly.  Velocity tables are just close estimates of what you might have at a  match.  If you checked the loads at 80F at 150 they will not make it on a cold day of 50 in Phoenix.  Stay on the safe side.  Most of the top shooters are nowhere near the line of 150.


Still need more help for the side matches.  Thanks to those who have stepped up already.


The shotgun team match will be 2 man or 2 woman teams.  There will be 4 poppers with pop up birds.  Each shooter will have 4 rounds loaded.  At the signal the team can shoot the targets and birds in any order. Figure the smart way to shoot it. 


Evil Roy

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