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Winter Range Wild Bunch info


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The Winter Range Wild Bunch match will be a 10 stage match. There will be Senior Men and Woman categories this year.


Monday Feb. 22 the Safety meeting will be held at 7A.M.  Shooting starts at 8A.M.  We shoot 5 stages on both Monday and Tuesday and side matches after the main stages have been shot.


On Monday Feb. 22 we also shoot Speed Pistol, Speed Rifle, and Speed Shotgun side matches.


Tuesday Feb. 23 shooting starts at 8 A.M..  We will shoot the side matches after the main match.  They will include Long Range 1911, BAM( Military Bolt Action), and Team Shotgun.


We will update with more detailed information after we get some more things finalized.


I need help with all the side matches as well as some folks to help with the chrono and 1911 weighing.


The match is filling up fast as is the CAS match so don't wait too long to sign up.  This may be one of the biggest WR matches ever.


Ask questions on this forum and or you can email me at evilroy@evilroy.com


The BAM Match will allow FMJ ammo.  The furthest target will be no further than 150 yards.  The Long Range 1911 must be shot with main match legal 1911 and ammo. All side matches will have both Men's and Women's Classes.


I hope you can attend.  The matches at WR are always fun and very competitive.


Evil Roy

2016 Winter Range Wild Bunch match Director.



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ER -

I'd be glad to help you (or Goatneck) again with a side match, as long as I can get free to shoot some as well.  Last year the timing was easy to do that.  This year might need some "time slots" if a big turnout occurs.


Oh, max range we should expect on the Long Range 1911? 


Thanks for running these!  GJ





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Gun weight same as usual on a stage, governed by assigned persons designated by posse marshall.

Unless there is "another" plan. Seems to work.


Will need a couple "volunteers" to handle the chrono process.


Perhaps, heard a rumor, Happy Jack may have something up his sleeve..... not sure.


Sure he can let me know.


Watch your equipment.... It will be watched. Just sayin.


Been darn good over the last couple years... Good.


Feel free to contact if need be.









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