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IAC Model 97 Cowboy Legal?

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So new to SASS Cowboy and Wild Bunch that I have not shot a match in either. Have been to several matches of both at Oakwood in East Texas with a friend and he finally got me interested enough to commit. Practiced with him at Oakwood using my 1911 and his '73 in 357 and Model 12 but knew I needed more equipment so bought Wild Bunch leather and a '73 in 45 Colt.


Now for the SG. Reading previous post on this forum I understand that the IAC 93/97 is legal in Wild Bunch but not in Cowboy and I'm looking for something legal in both. Looking on-line and talking to Outlaw Gambler at Classic Old West Arms I understand that the new IAC  CB97 is legal for both.


Before spending money I would just like confirmation that the IAC Model 97 Cowboy, shown at http://classicoldwestarms.com/cowboy-97-shotguns/ , is Legal for both.


Hope to be shooting soon and pray that my shooting buddy, Capt. Jack Cajun, is back in good health soon.


Texas Bart



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Did take a while to get word back from PaleWolf Brunelle but got the final word that it is legal in both Wild Bunch and Cowboy. Ordered one today so should be making some matches soon. Got to develop a load for 45 Colt, get my SG in and I'll be ready to go.


Hope to be seeing y'all at Wild Bunch matches soon. Can't do Cowboy yet since I STILL NEED MORE GUNS!!!


Texas Bart

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