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5 rounds in 45 acp magazine


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It's very obvious to timer operators and spotters after you shoot 5 rounds and don't have to reload or slide doesn't lock back. You reload with the slide closed, it's a penalty. You keep shooting without having to rack the slide, it's yet another penalty. No one has ever checked my magazines nor have I checked anyone's. As I said, it's pretty obvious very quickly.
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Whoa there Boggus, you need a bit more explanation.  You can reload with the slide down if there is a slide stop failure.  If you reload after five rounds on a down slide and then rack the slide and nothing comes out there is no penalty.  If a round comes out of the chamber or you fire without racking the slide you have bought two minor safeties: more than 5 rounds in a mag and a tactical reload.


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JFN, a BIT more explaination: SEE page 7 WBAS Shooter's Handbook. The ONLY EXCEPTION to the reload from slidelock rule is when you must reload without changing positions. If you have a slidelock failure and need to move you must lock the pistol open before moving and reloading.
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